30 Best Amazon PPC Software

Smart and targeted advertising is often the key to success in today’s competitive digital world. Scaling up your campaign in the Amazon marketplace can be challenging without the right tools.

If you are wondering what is the best Amazon PPC software to leverage your business and maximise profitability, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our comprehensive list features some of the most recommended software, dissecting their features, benefits, and how they can transform how sellers approach advertising on Amazon.

Whether you’re a seasoned seller or new to the platform, understanding the nuances of these software solutions can significantly impact your sales and brand presence.

#1. Best Amazon PPC Software – Scale Insights

Image Credit: Scale insights

Contact:Sales: training@scaleinsights.com
Customer support: training@scaleinsights.com
Price:78 USD – 688 USD per month
Services Offered:AI Automation
Fully managed campaigns
Keyword campaigns
Dynamic bidding algorithm
Placement algorithm

Scale Insights is a PPC tool built by a team of veteran Amazon sellers to address their PPC needs. It is designed to streamline Amazon PPC workflows and scale profits with automation. 

The tool focuses on advanced analytics and AI to drive sales for brand owners selling on Amazon. It offers comprehensive features for campaign management, bid optimisation, and automation, which are key components of a high-quality Amazon PPC tool​​​​.

For e-commerce enthusiasts who strive for excellence, Scale Insights is the preferred Amazon PPC software. Its goal is to provide businesses with the tools to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game. 

#2. PPC Bee

Image Credit: PPC Bee

Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Ad automation
Keyword generation
Campaign automation
DSA and GMC Feed exports

PPC Bee stands out as an automated advertising and marketing tool, ideal for companies targeting their ads to the right audience. This software excels in creating search ads automatically for an unlimited range of products.

What makes PPC Bee one of the best is its capacity to enhance paid search campaign performance.

In addition to its ad creation capabilities, PPC Bee offers deep customisation options, allowing businesses to tailor their ads based on chosen keywords, product categories, or customer demographics. 

This level of personalisation ensures that each ad reaches the most relevant audience, increasing the likelihood of conversions and sales.

Designed with both agencies and online retailers in mind, PPC Bee simplifies and streamlines managing large-scale ad campaigns. 

#3. Quartile

Image Credit: Quartile

Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Machine learning
Automated ads management
Unified campaign reporting
Account integration
Dedicated customer service

Quartile is an AI and machine learning-powered PPC ad optimisation platform trusted by thousands of Amazon sellers. But what makes them the best is that they also work for other retail marketplace accounts, including Google Shopping, Instacart, Shopify, and more. 

The platform enables seamless management of end-to-end retail media campaigns and aims to improve sales. It is designed for efficient bid management, Automated ads management, campaign optimisation, and more.

Quartile is noted for dynamically managing campaigns for maximum performance and reportedly manages 2% of all Amazon ad spend in the US, which amounts to up to $160 million in ad spend per quarter​​​​.

#4. AdBadger

Image Credit: AdBadger

Contact:Demo on website
Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:PPC management
PPC coaching
Campaign audit

AdBadger is more than just an Amazon PPC tool—it’s a complete solution for transforming your advertising campaigns into high performers. Its advanced bid optimisation capabilities stand out, enabling you to set the right price for each ad. 

Its keyword management feature also helps find the most profitable keywords for your campaigns. The software’s ease of use is a big plus, with a user-friendly interface that simplifies complex PPC tasks. 

Automation features are also a key aspect, handling repetitive tasks efficiently and saving you time for strategic planning. AdBadger is ideal for anyone looking to streamline their Amazon PPC operations and achieve better ROI.

#5. Helium 10

Image Credit: Helium 10

Price:29 USD – 229 USD per month
Services Offered:Insights & Recommendations
Listing Optimization
Advanced Brand Analytics
Monthly Expert Training
In-Person Workshops

Helium 10 is an all-in-one Amazon PPC software that elevates your advertising strategies. It’s not just about managing campaigns; it’s about mastering them with advanced keyword research tools and strategic bid management. 

The software also includes competitor analysis features, allowing you to stay one step ahead in the marketplace. With Helium 10, you can access detailed analytics and actionable insights that guide you in refining your campaigns for peak performance. 

This tool can help both new and experienced sellers, providing a comprehensive suite of features to exploit the full potential of Amazon PPC.

#6. Zon.Tools

Image Credit: Zon.Tools

Contact:Contact on website
Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:24/7 Slack Support
Monthly Strategy Call
Manually Manage Campaigns
Proprietary PGN Structure
KeyWord Miner™ and Target Miner™

Zon.Tools offers a multifaceted approach to Amazon PPC, equipping sellers with a wide range of tools. Its innovative features include advanced keyword discovery and automated bid management, which are essential for dominating the competitive landscape of Amazon. 

The tool provides in-depth campaign analysis, enabling you to understand and improve your advertising strategy. The intuitive user interface makes complex data easy to understand and act upon. 

Zon.Tools is a reliable Amazon PPC software for those who need to run advertising campaigns and see positive results.

#7. PPC Entourage

Image Credit: PPC Entourage

Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Bulk campaign management
Ads automation
Ad management
Profit maximiser

PPC Entourage is designed to bring efficiency to your Amazon PPC efforts. It offers an intuitive platform with advanced features for simplifying campaign management, including keyword discovery and bid optimisation. 

The software helps maximise ad spend effectiveness, fine-tuning targeting strategies, and boosting overall sales. Its automation capabilities are a standout feature, particularly for keyword harvesting and bid adjustments. 

PPC Entourage is great for sellers who need a comprehensive tool that manages and enhances their Amazon advertising campaigns.

#8. Perpetua

Image Credit: Perpetua

Price:250 USD – 550 USD per month
Services Offered:Amazon DSP managed services
Commerce business intelligence
Amazon marketing cloud
Video advertising
Influencer marketing

Perpetua is considered one of the finest Amazon PPC software in the market for its cutting-edge approach. It utilises AI-driven algorithms for targeted traffic acquisition, sales increase, and ROI amplification. 

The platform offers sophisticated bid optimisation, keyword research tools, and effective campaign management features. Its user-friendly interface and real-time analytics make campaign monitoring and optimisation straightforward. 

Perpetua is suited for sellers looking for an advanced, AI-powered tool to elevate their Amazon advertising strategies.

#9. Sellozo

Image Credit: Sellozo

Contact:Demo on website
Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Ad automator
Campaign studio
Performance marketing management
Reporting and analytics

Sellozo offers a comprehensive suite of tools for optimising Amazon PPC campaigns. Its features include automated bidding, detailed campaign management, and thorough performance analysis. 

The software employs AI algorithms to analyse data, providing actionable insights for better targeting and bid optimisation. Its interface is designed for ease of use, and its automation capabilities significantly reduce the manual workload. 

Sellozo is an excellent choice for sellers seeking a tool that combines simplicity with advanced functionality for managing Amazon PPC campaigns.

#10. PPC Ninja

Image Credit: PPC Ninja

Price:99 USD – 499 USD per month
Services Offered:Daily bid optimization recommendations
Weekly new keyword recommendations
Automatic download of Search term reports
Multi-market support
Multi-user support

PPC Ninja is a robust Amazon PPC software offering a wide array of features to enhance your advertising efforts. It excels in bid optimisation, using intelligent algorithms to ensure your ad spend is effective. 

The tool also provides deep analytics to give you a clear view of your campaign’s performance and areas for improvement. 

It’s designed to uncover growth opportunities and streamline campaign management tasks with its automation features. PPC Ninja is ideal for sellers who want a comprehensive, data-driven tool to optimise their Amazon PPC campaigns and drive better results.

#11. AMZ Tracker

Image Credit: AMZ tracker

Contact:Contact on website
Price:50 USD – 400 USD per month
Services Offered:On Page AnalyzerSuper URLs
Vipon Promotional Products
Sales Tracking
Rocket Reply-Email

AMZ Tracker is a powerful tool that takes your Amazon campaigns to the next level. It does more than just manage campaigns; it helps increase your visibility, sales, and profits on Amazon. 

With AMZ Tracker, you can keep an eye on keywords, check out what competitors are doing, watch reviews, and improve your product listings. It uses smart algorithms to give you useful tips, helping you make your strategies better and stay ahead of others. 

AMZ Tracker makes it easy to find keywords that sell, keep track of your product rankings, and understand what your competitors are up to, making it a great choice for Amazon PPC.

#12. AdScale

Image Credit: AdScale

Price:129 USD – 2,990 USD per month
Services Offered:Business Analytics
Key performance indicators
Trend analysis
Data-driven advertising plan
Data-driven SMS plan

AdScale sets itself apart as an Amazon PPC tool with its smart automation and advanced bidding features. It helps sellers get amazing results in their Amazon PPC campaigns. 

AdScale covers everything from managing campaigns and researching keywords to tracking performance, all aimed at getting you the best return on your investment. 

It simplifies repetitive tasks and gives you complete control over your campaigns, saving time and effort. Try AdScale to take your Amazon PPC strategies to the next level.

#13. Data Hawk

Image Credit: DataHawk

Contact:Demo on website
Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Product optimization
Data analysis
Optimization insights and recommendation
Sales data monitoring and assessment
Search performance management

Data Hawk is a premier Amazon PPC software designed to unlock the full potential of your advertising campaigns with its data-centric approach. It offers deep insights into keyword performance, bid optimisation, and market trends. 

With Data Hawk, sellers can refine their strategies to get the best return on investment. Its easy-to-use interface and detailed reports help you keep track of your campaigns, see what competitors are doing, and make smart decisions.

Whether you’re looking to optimise your current campaigns or plan new ones, Data Hawk equips you with the information you need to make informed, data-driven decisions. 

#14. Profit Whales

Image Credit: Profit Whales

Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:PPAC management
DSP ad services
Product ranking
PPC audit

Profit Whales is a promising tool for improving your campaign results. As one of the top Amazon PPC software options, it offers advanced features like bid optimisation, keyword research, and performance tracking. 

This tool helps sellers increase profits and reduce unnecessary ad spending while attracting the right customers to their Amazon listings. 

Profit Whales has an easy-to-use interface and detailed analytics, allowing you to make well-informed choices and fine-tune your PPC strategies. With Profit Whales, you can fully unlock the potential of your Amazon ads.

#15. ManageByStats

Image Credit: ManageByStats

Price:15 USD – 59.97 USD
Services Offered:Review automation
Decisions Dashboard
KPI & Profit Dashboards
KPI Smart Notifications
KPI Checklists

ManageByStats is a reliable tool for optimising your campaigns. It provides a range of features like campaign management, keyword research, and analytics, giving sellers the tools they need for day-to-day tasks.

This software shows detailed performance data to help sellers see their ads’ effectiveness, make smart choices, and get the best return on investment. 

ManageByStats makes managing and optimising Amazon PPC campaigns easier, whether you’re a small seller or running a large business. It’s a great partner for reaching your advertising goals on Amazon.

#16. Kenshoo by Skai

Image Credit: Skai

Contact:Demo on website
Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Omnichannel advertising
Data connectivity
Dynamic Marketing Mix
Budget Forecasting
Strategic Consulting

Kenshoo by Skai is a top-notch tool for optimising your Amazon ads. It uses advanced technology and AI to give helpful tips and data to improve your strategies. 

As one of the best Amazon PPC software options, it offers everything you need to launch and run campaigns. This includes keyword research, smart bid management, and ad tracking tools. 

Kenshoo’s easy-to-use platform makes managing PPC simple, helping sellers make smart decisions and get the best return on their investment. 

With great analytics and tools that do things automatically, Kenshoo by Skai is a great choice for doing well in Amazon PPC campaigns.

#17. Adalysis

Image Credit: Adalysis

Price:99 USD – 499 USD per month
Services Offered:PPC management 
Campaign automation
Campaign monitoring
Multi-Campaign Dashboard
PPC targeting

Adalysis is a powerful Amazon PPC tool that helps sellers dig into keyword research, understand ad performance, and manage bids effectively. This best Amazon PPC software gives you clear insights and smart advice for targeting your ads better, improving ad quality, and increasing sales. 

It has advanced features like testing different ads and analysing ad text, helping sellers improve their strategies for better results. 

If you’re looking for a user-friendly tool to help you achieve your advertising goals on Amazon, Adalysis is worth checking out! With its automation capabilities, it can take care of many tasks, leaving you with more time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

#18. Downstream

Image Credit: Downstream

Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Retail Insights
Marketing intelligence
Ad accelerator
Digital shelf analytics

Downstream is more than just Amazon PPC software; it’s your pathway to PPC success. It offers advanced bid optimisation, smart keyword research, and easy campaign management. Downstream helps users get the most out of their Amazon investment. 

This powerful software makes managing PPC campaigns easy, allowing sellers to decide based on data for better ad performance. 

With detailed analytics and full reports, Downstream gives insights into how well your campaigns are doing, helping you fine-tune your strategies. Dive into the power of Downstream and take your Amazon PPC campaigns to new levels of success.

#19. Ignite by Seller Labs 

Image Credit: SellerLabs

Contact:Contact on website
Price:1,499 USD 3,499 USD
Services Offered:Ads management
Paid social media ads management
Creative services
Advertising analysis

Ignite by Seller Labs is a cutting-edge tool for Amazon PPC used by entrepreneurs across the globe. It has features and algorithms help sellers tweak their campaigns for the best results. 

Ignite offers thorough keyword research, bid management, and automated campaign analysis, making it a comprehensive toolkit for winning in the competitive Amazon market. 

Its interface is easy to use, and it provides actionable insights, helping you make decisions based on data. Ignite by Seller Labs is a secret weapon for Amazon PPC advertising for experienced and amature entrepreneurs.

#20. Kinetic by Viral Launch

Image Credit: Viral Launch

Price:59 USD – 170 USD per month
Services Offered:Product discovery
Market Intelligence
Keyword research
Competitor intelligence
Listing Analyzer

Kinetic by Viral Launch is perfect for sellers who want to optimise their advertising. This dynamic software has a range of features like smart bid management, insightful keyword research, and automated campaign tools. 

If you’re an Amazon seller looking to attract focused traffic and increase your return on investment, consider Kinetic by Viral Launch. Its interface is super user-friendly, and the reports are really detailed, which makes it easy to get the insights you need to make informed decisions and improve your strategies.

Kinetic aims to help you unlock the resources necessary to take your business to the next level and achieve your goals.

#21. AdZoop

Image Credit: AdZoop

Price:Request for quote
Services Offered:Cloud enablement
Telecom and design implementation
Continuous testing
Risk and security management

AdZoop is a strong Amazon PPC software that comes with lots of features to improve your ads. It’s easy to use and gives important information to help you look at your ad performance, find the best keywords, and set the right bids for the most return on investment. 

AdZoop lets you target your ads well, so more people see them. It has tools to automate tasks and give you deep insights, making managing your PPC easier and helping you make smart choices. 

AdZoop is great for improving keywords, bids, and tracking how your ads are doing, making it a valuable tool for Amazon PPC.

#22. Teikametrics

Image Credit: Teikametrics
Contact:Demo on website
Price:Free – 499 USD per month
Key Features:Ad management overview
Listing optimization
Ai automation
Data aggregation and reporting

Teikametrics is a strong contender in the Amazon PPC software market. It has powerful features and smart algorithms to help sellers get the most out of their Amazon PPC campaigns and make more money. This includes review automation, profit dashboards, and more.

This platform does everything from keyword research and bid optimisation to managing campaigns and analysing performance. With Teikametrics, you can target your audience better, spend your ad money wisely, and increase sales. It gives sellers the tools they need to do well in a tough marketplace.

#23. Ad Razor

Image Credit: AdRazor

Contact:Contact on website
Price:125 USD – 195 USD per month
Services Offered:Optimise Seller
Central Automatic daily update of data from the Amazon AP
IIntuitive colour coding of ACOS Data
Product Level Analysis
Amazon Approved Bulk Upload File Creation

Ad Razor is a modern Amazon PPC software that sharpens your ad strategies for the best results. It has lots of advanced features to help you get the most out of your PPC campaigns. 

Ad Razor is great for precise keyword targeting, managing bids, analysing campaigns, and automating tasks. Its easy-to-use interface and real-time data let you monitor your campaigns, make decisions based on data, and stay ahead of other sellers. 

Whether experienced or new to selling, Ad Razor is a great tool for doing well in Amazon PPC advertising.

#24. SellerApp

Image Credit: SellerApp

Price:Free – 49 USD per month
Services Offered:PPC tools
Listing optimization
Profit checker
Keyword explorer
Keyword ranking tracker

SellerApp is a complete solution for improving your advertising. It covers everything from researching keywords to managing bids and analysing campaigns for Amazon PPC. 

This top Amazon PPC software uses smart algorithms and data to help you find profitable keywords, set the right bids for the best return on investment, and track how your campaigns are doing. 

Its user-friendly interface and automation tools make managing PPC easier so you can save time and effort. SellerApp is good for new and experienced sellers, giving you the tools to make informed decisions and succeed in your Amazon PPC campaigns.

#25. RepricerExpress

Image Credit: RepricerExpress

Price:64 GBP – 949 GBP per month
Services Offered:API automated imports
API automated reports
Custom repricing reports
Amazon Buy Box Predictor
Profitability dashboard

Winning the Buy Box and staying competitive is easier with RepricerExpress. This smart pricing software allows sellers to automatically adjust product prices, keeping them ahead of the game. 

With real-time monitoring of competitors’ prices, RepricerExpress provides sellers with effective pricing strategies that lead to increased sales. 

The advanced algorithms and real-time pricing updates make it easy for sellers to manage their prices and make more money. RepricerExpress is a top Amazon PPC software that helps sellers attract more customers by adjusting prices. Grow your business with RepricerExpress today.

#26. AdCore

Image Credit: AdCore

Price:33.99 USD per month
Services Offered:Marketing analysis
Digital marketing automation
Marketing cloud

AdCore is a comprehensive Amazon PPC software that streamlines bid management, campaign optimisation, and ad scheduling, enabling you to maximise your ad spend. With AdCore, managing PPC campaigns is effortless as it provides data-driven insights to enhance decision-making. 

The tool boasts powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing you to fine-tune your strategies and achieve exceptional results with your Amazon PPC campaigns. 

Whether you’re new to PPC advertising or a seasoned pro, AdCore simplifies the process, making generating high-quality leads and conversions that positively impact your bottom line easier.

#27. RevenueWize

Image Credit: RevenueWize

Contact:Contact on website
Price:119 USD – 299 USD per month
Services Offered:PPC management
Keyword Boosting
Performance Reports
Structure Analysis
Personal On-boarding
Monthly account review

Looking for a powerful Amazon PPC software that can help you increase your revenue and grow your business? Look no further than RevenueWize. 

With its smart bid optimisation, detailed analytics, and user-friendly interface, this software can help you make informed decisions and get the most return on your investment. 

Plus, its automation tools can save you time and make managing campaigns a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned Amazon seller or just starting, RevenueWize is the perfect tool to take your PPC campaigns to the next level.

#28. Pacvue

Image Credit: Pacvue

Price:Request for quote
Key Features:Advertising
Market  intelligence 

Pacvue is a top Amazon PPC software known for its excellent features for optimising advertising campaigns. It offers advanced tools for managing campaigns and detailed analytics, helping sellers improve their Amazon PPC results. 

Pacvue includes everything from bid optimisation and keyword research to tracking your ads’ performance, enabling you to make decisions based on data and attract more customers to your products. 

Its interface is easy to use and provides helpful insights, making it a great choice for sellers who want to increase sales and get great results on Amazon.

#29. Jungle Scout

Image Credit: JungleScout

Price:29 USD – 84 USD per month
Services Offered:Advertising analytics
Keyword strategy
Listings optimisation
Inventory managementFinance insights

Jungle Scout is a key player in the search for the best Amazon PPC software. It’s a versatile tool that gives you a deep understanding of market trends, competitor actions, and keyword research. 

Jungle Scout helps you find profitable keywords, improve your PPC campaigns, and increase your product’s visibility on Amazon. Its interface is user-friendly, and its features are intuitive, helping sellers make informed decisions. 

Whether experienced or new to selling, Jungle Scout gives you the tools to succeed in Amazon PPC advertising.

#30. BidX

Image Credit: Bidx.io

Price:149 EUR – 449 EUR per month
Key Features:Automated bid and keyword adjustments
KDP supportChat and mail support
Strategy Proposals
Keyword management

BidX is an excellent Amazon PPC software that stands out in the market. With its advanced bid optimisation features and detailed analytics, BidX helps sellers get the best return on investment and bring the right customers to their Amazon products. 

This tool makes managing bids easy, allowing you to make decisions based on data for your PPC campaigns. BidX’s interface is easy to use, and its comprehensive reports make it a great choice for sellers who want to make their advertising on Amazon more efficient. 

Conclusion About The Best Amazon PPC Software

The 30 best Amazon PPC software we’ve explored provides a diverse toolkit for any seller seeking to excel in Amazon’s competitive marketplace. 

Each platform brings something unique to the table, whether through cutting-edge analytics, user-friendly interfaces, or advanced bid management features. 

Finding the right tool from this list can be a game-changer for your business, potentially transforming your approach to online advertising and significantly boosting your sales performance on Amazon. 

Remember, the key to PPC success lies in choosing software that aligns with your business needs and goals.

Note: For the latest and most recent updates on the above recommendations, refer to their respective website for the most accurate information.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Amazon PPC Software

How To Choose The Best Amazon PPC Software For My Needs?

Consider factors like your budget, the size of your inventory, specific features you need (like keyword research or bid management), and the level of automation and analytics the software provides. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of free trials to test the software before committing.

Can Amazon PPC Software Improve My Sales?

Yes, the right PPC software can help you optimise your campaigns, target the right audience, and manage bids effectively, which can lead to an increase in sales and better ROI.

Is It Necessary To Have PPC Software For Selling On Amazon?

While not mandatory, using PPC software can significantly simplify and enhance your advertising efforts on Amazon, especially as you scale your business and manage more complex campaigns.

Are There Free Amazon Ppc Tools Available?

Some Amazon PPC software options offer free versions or trials, but they may have limited features. It’s important to assess whether the free tools meet your business’s specific needs.

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