23 Best Private Investigators In Singapore

Private investigators uncover hidden truths and provide crucial insights where conventional methods fail. Their expertise becomes indispensable when confronting intricate personal or professional matters that demand a discreet, specialised investigation.

This article features 23 of the best private investigators in Singapore, each distinguished by their unique expertise, proven track records, and ability to navigate the complex web of urban mysteries. 

Discover the top detectives known for their exceptional skills in corporate espionage, personal disputes, and background checks. These professionals are considered the elite in a city that never sleeps. Learn about their methods and successes as we showcase their outstanding work.

#1. Catch Cheating SG – Best Private Investigator In Singapore

Image Credit:  Catch Cheating SG

Location:60 Albert St #08-06 OG Albert Complex S189969 (Rochor/Bugis MRT)
Operating Hours:10am – 6pm (Appointments only)
Contact:(+65) 6337 6608 (Call)
cs@intpi.com (Email)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:4.3 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 26 reviews as of  28 November 2023

Specialising in cases of suspected infidelity, Catch Cheating SG is one of the top choices for the most reliable private investigators in Singapore. They offer comprehensive intelligence to those dealing with deception in personal relationships. 

The agency’s qualified detectives have years of experience and utilise the latest intelligence-gathering skills. They emphasise good business ethics and transparency in costs and strive to exceed client expectations. 

Their work has been covered by both local and overseas media, showcasing their prominence in the field. Licensed by the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) of Singapore, they form a team of passionate and professional investigators adept in commercial and matrimonial cases​​​​​​.

#2. International Investigators Pte Ltd – Top Private Investigator In SG

Image Credit: International Investigators Pte Ltd

Location:60 Albert St, #08-06 OG Albert, Singapore 189969
Operating Hours:Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Contact:(+65) 6337 6608 (Call)
cs@intpi.com (Email)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:3.6⭐⭐⭐from 30 reviews as of 28 November 2023

International Investigators Pte Ltd is a distinguished private investigation agency in Singapore, offering a range of services, handling commercial, infidelity, and other cases. Their expertise lies in completing various assignments, including extensive surveillance tasks and uncovering hidden or elusive information. 

The agency prides itself on over 30 years of experience, backed by certifications and a licence from the Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) of Singapore.

International Investigators is certified by the Council of International Investigators (USA) and the World Association of Professional Investigators (UK). They have a vast network of international resources and are known for handling matrimonial and commercial cases with discretion and finesse.

Furthermore, their services are not limited to just investigation; they also provide in-house family counselling and legal counsel. 

#3. Acestes

Image Credit: Acestes

Location:47 Kallang Pudding Rd, #08-12, Singapore 349318
Operating Hours:Mon to Fri: 9am – 6pmSat: 9am– 1pmSun: Closed
Contact:(+65) 6538 1254 (Call)
contact@acestes.sg (Email)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 71 reviews as of 28 November 2023

Founded in 2014, Acestes began in the security industry and has evolved to provide security and investigation services based on integrity, dedication, passion, professionalism, and courage. They cater to different clients, including event organisers for high-profile events like the Formula One Race. 

Acestes is not only a security service provider but also an accredited training provider, contributing to the upliftment of security standards through training. They hold an investigation licence from the PLRD, and their expertise enables them to investigate dubious cases effectively​​​​.

#4. Ace Private Investigations Pte Ltd

Image Credit:Ace Private Investigations Pte Ltd

Location:390 Victoria Street #03-17 Golden Landmark, SC 188061
Operating Hours:Open 24 hrs
Contact:(+65) 8817 7218 (Call)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 65 reviews as of 28 November 2023

This licensed Singapore Private Investigation firm handles various cases, including uncovering truths about companies or individuals, investigating crimes, and gathering evidence for court cases. 

Ace Private Investigations has been in the business for many years, catering to various clients, including individuals, law firms, and corporations. Their team of investigators is highly skilled and trained to handle complex cases with utmost professionalism and integrity. 

They use the latest technology and techniques to gather evidence and ensure it is admissible in court. In addition to their core services, they provide background checks, surveillance, and skip tracing services. 

#5. AK Global Investigation Pte Ltd

Image Credit: AK Global Investigation Pte Ltd

Location:621 Aljunied Rd, #03-04 Lipo building, Singapore 389834
Operating Hours:Open 24 hrs
Contact:(+65) 6222 7227 (Call)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 3 reviews as of 28 November 2023

This agency is known for its strict adherence to confidentiality and integrity. They cater to individuals, commercial clients, and government agencies, emphasising high confidentiality treatments to all clients. AK Global is licensed by the PLRD and certified bizSafe. 

As a World Association of Professional Investigators member, they have expanded their services globally, including collaborating with CrisisNego Ltd in Korea. 

Their investigation services cover a broad range, from employee misconduct to matrimonial matters, offering litigation support and maintaining competitive rates. They focus on providing real evidence for various needs, including court presentations or personal decision-making​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

#6. Integrity Investigation Service

Image Credit: Integrity Investigation Services

Location:60 Paya Lebar Rd, #08-49, Singapore 409051
Operating Hours:Open 24 hrs
Contact:(+65) 6245 8548 (Call)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 5 reviews as of  28 November 2023

Established by a former police officer in 2008, Integrity Investigation Services brings much experience in surveillance, intelligence, and criminal investigation. They offer commercial investigations like insurance and fraud, mystery shopper services, employee movement monitoring, and pre-employment investigations. 

They also perform matrimonial/family investigations such as infidelity investigations, premarital background checks, and child custody/movement investigations. Other services include live GPS tracking, missing person/skip tracing, overseas assignments, and counter-surveillance. 

Their expertise is built on discretion, cost-effectiveness, and advanced investigative techniques, catering to corporate and individual clients​​​​​​​​.

#7. Asia Top Investigation LLP

Image Credit: Asia Top Investigation LLP

Location:31 Rochester Dr, Suite 1, Level 24, Singapore 138637
Operating Hours:Open 24 hrs 
Contact:(+65) 8820 0007 (Call)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 69 reviews as of 28 November 2023

Led by Vincent Tan, a highly experienced private investigator in Singapore with over 25 years of experience, Asia Top Investigation is a multi-award-winning agency known for its discreet and effective case handling. 

They are licensed by the Singapore Police Force and specialise in matrimonial investigations, pre-matrimonial background checks, commercial investigations, digital forensic investigations, and general investigations. 

Clients can rely on their unwavering dedication to delivering precise and reliable investigations, especially concerning personal relationships and corporate integrity. They specialise in providing indisputable quantitative evidence that you can trust.

#8. Baker St. Private Investigation

Image Credit: Baker St. Private Investigation

Location:1 North Bridge Rd, High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
Operating Hours:Open 24 hrs
Contact:(+65) 6963 9339 (Call)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 1 review as of  31 March 2023

Baker St Private Investigation is a renowned private detective agency in Singapore, offering a wide range of investigative services around the clock for legal, personal, and corporate clients. 

Founded by ex-police officers with over two decades of experience, the agency boasts a team of professionals adept in surveillance and investigation, utilising the latest techniques in line with Singapore’s top enforcement agencies. 

They specialise in various fields, including commercial and matrimonial investigations, digital forensics, key personnel background checks, workman compensation claims investigations and legal investigations. 

Emphasising advanced methods, vast experience, and a global network, Baker St Private Investigation ensures accuracy, discretion, and efficiency in all their operations. 

They are available 24/7 to ensure the most authentic, reliable, and effective private investigation service, with a commitment to client privacy and confidentiality​​​​​​​​.

#9. Kokusai CATCH CHEATING SPOUSE (1984)

Image Credit: Kokusai CATCH CHEATING SPOUSE (1984)

Location:111 North Bridge Rd, #08-15, 08-18 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098
Operating Hours:Open 24 hrs 
Contact:(+65) 9888 5545 (Call)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:4.9  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 120  reviews as of 28 November  2023

Kokusai Security Pte Ltd has been a prominent figure in the private investigation scene in Singapore since its establishment in April 1984. Managed by ex-law enforcement officers, including a former police superintendent and Commissioner of Prisons, the agency is acclaimed for its integrity, loyalty, and proactive management. 

The agency specialises in investigations, crowd control, security management, and bodyguard services. They are known for providing high-calibre and professionally trained personnel.

Kokusai Security is committed to reliable factual information, allowing clients to make educated decisions. They ensure direct interaction with the investigator working on the case, ensuring effective service tailored to the client’s unique needs and objectives​​​​.

With over 35 years of field experience, Kokusai Security prides itself on its team of highly qualified investigators. Their professionalism and commitment to maintaining confidentiality are core aspects of their service. 

#10. Linear Investigation & Consultancy

Image Credit: Linear Investigation & Consultancy

Location:46 E Coast Rd, #09-06 East Gate, Singapore 428766
Operating Hours:Mon to Fri:  9am – 6pm
Sat to Sun: Closed
Contact:(+65) 9380 3131(Call)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 2 reviews as of 28 November 2023

When it comes to corporate investigation, Linear Investigation & Consultancy is one of the top private detectives in Singapore to consider. They provide expert services in areas such as insurance claim surveillance, workmen’s compensation, commercial fraud, and trademark infringement. 

Their services cater to the unique needs of insurance companies and corporate clients, providing evidence-based insights crucial for informed business decisions. The firm is known for its commitment to quality, integrity, and confidentiality, aligning its services with corporate standards and making it a preferred choice for businesses.

Linear Investigation & Consultancy’s approach includes diligent workmen compensation investigations to ensure fair compensation procedures, vigilant pursuit of intellectual property infringement to defend creative rights, and meticulous investigations to tackle commercial fraud. 

#11. SK Investigation Private Limited


Location:511 Guillemard Road #01-31 Grandlink Square, Singapore 399849
Operating Hours:Open 24 hrs 
Contact:(+65) 6440 4683 (Call)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:4.7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 15 review as of  28 November 2023

When it comes to private investigators in Singapore, SK Investigation Private Limited is among the most trusted agencies. They have established themselves as one of the best in the business, offering a wide range of investigative services catering to personal and corporate needs. 

They use their years of expertise and cutting-edge methodologies and technology to deliver results that exceed expectations. The SK Investigation Private Limited team comprises seasoned professionals in evidence collation. 

They work tirelessly to uncover the truth and take extensive measures to ensure their clients’ safety and privacy. It’s this dedication to client satisfaction that truly underscores their eminence in the field of private investigations.

One of the key strengths of SK Investigation Private Limited is its ability to provide punctual and meticulous reports. Clients rely on them to provide critical insights that can significantly impact their personal or corporate matters. 

#12. PrivateEye Investigation

Image Credit: PrivateEye Investigation

Location:Paya Lebar Square, Office Lobby 2, #12-41, 60 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 409051
Operating Hours:Open 24 hrs
Contact:(+65) 9046 5299 (Call)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:4.4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 59 reviews as of 28 November 2023

PrivateEye Investigation’s commitment to discretion, precision, and reliability makes it a top choice for those seeking the best private detectives in Singapore. Their expertise extends to various areas, including meticulous surveillance, infidelity investigations, and comprehensive background checks. 

Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance to PrivateEye Investigation, and they uphold it meticulously in every case they handle. What sets them apart is their proficiency in using the latest technology to procure concrete and discreet evidence. 

Their bespoke solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, and their competitive pricing adds to their appeal. They are a testament to their relentless commitment to excellence, solidifying their position as an exemplary choice in Singapore’s investigative landscape.

#13. Resilient Investigations LLP

Image Credit: Resilient Investigations LLP

Location:33 Ubi Avenue 3 Vertex Building, #07 37B, Singapore 408868
Operating Hours:Open 24 hrs
Contact:(+65) 8752 0225 (Call)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 4 reviews as of 28 November 2023

Resilient Investigations LLP is known as a highly professional and meticulous investigative agency in Singapore. Their team of investigators comes from diverse backgrounds, including law enforcement, military, and intelligence, ensuring a holistic approach to every case they undertake. 

You can trust that their services are tailored with precision and always in compliance with ethical and legal standards. Resilient Investigations LLP doesn’t limit their expertise to investigations alone; it also excels in security consulting and astute risk management. 

Their clientele spans various industries, from legal to insurance, and their cost-effective services have solidified their reputation as a top-tier choice for those seeking insightful investigative solutions.

#14. CDiC Consultants LLP

Image Credit: CDiC Consultants LLP

Location:164 Bukit Merah Central, Singapore 150164
Operating Hours:Not Found
Contact:(+65) 6377 2723 (Call)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 2 reviews as of 28 November 2023

For businesses seeking strategic insights, CDiC Consultants LLP offers a laser-focused approach to serving the corporate sector. While they excel in investigations, their real strength lies in providing businesses with precise intelligence that can inform critical decisions. 

Their findings are exhaustive and reliable, giving their clients a competitive edge in the corporate world. But CDiC Consultants LLP goes beyond investigations; they also offer advisory services that enable firms to navigate intricate business terrains with confidence. 

With CDiC by their side, clients can be assured of clarity, reducing potential business pitfalls and setting a course for success in a rapidly changing business landscape.

#15. DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Pte Ltd

Image Credit: DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Pte Ltd

Location:261 Waterloo Street #02-17, Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261
Operating Hours:Open 24 hrs
Contact:(+65) 6333 3315 (Call)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:3.6 ⭐⭐⭐ from 22 reviews as of 28 November 2023

DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Pte Ltd provides a wide array of private investigation services for personal and business requirements. 

Their personal investigation offerings include probing into adultery or cheating spouse cases, child custody matters, maintenance issues, spouse movement tracking, locating missing persons, conducting pre-marital and domestic helper checks, as well as monitoring teenage delinquency. 

On the commercial front, they offer services like employee and competitor checks, background investigations of business partners, intellectual property infringement probes, insurance fraud detection, and mystery shopper operations. 

Additionally, they specialise in digital forensics, encompassing both computer and mobile forensics and offer technology-related services such as GPS tracking and the use of hidden cameras.

 DP Quest combines its industry expertise with advanced technology to gather solid evidence, catering to a diverse range of clients, including spouses, parents, employers, and law firms.

#16. Pedro Investigations & Security Services Pte. Ltd.

Image Credit: Pedro Investigations & Security Services Pte. Ltd.

Location:#05-38 Jln Sultan, Sultan Plaza, Singapore 199001
Operating Hours:Mon to Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat: 9am – 1pm
Contact:(+65) 6338 5761 (Call)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:3.8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 1 review as of 28 November 2023

Pedro Investigations & Security Services Pte Ltd specialises in a range of security and private investigation services. They offer security jobs, guard and escort services, and various security systems, including biometrics, card access, and remote video surveillance. 

The company also employs foot patrols as a crime deterrent, tailoring security programs to specific client requirements. Their private detective services cover matrimonial and fraud investigations, surveillance, and asset location. 

Additionally, they provide comprehensive security training for their officers and control room services with 24-hour monitoring, incident management, and CCTV data storage facilities. 

Pedro Investigations & Security Services combines experienced personnel with advanced technology to cater to diverse security and investigative needs in commercial, industrial, and private residential sectors.

#17. SG Investigators

Image Credit: SG Investigators

Location:101 Upper Cross Street, #04-03 People’s Park Centre, Singapore 058357
Operating Hours:Open  24 hours
Contact:+65 6536 7800 (Phone)
+65 6533 5502 (Fax)
enquiries@sginvestigators.info (Email)
Price:We suggest to request a quote
Google Review ratings:2.7 ⭐⭐⭐ from 3 reviews as of  28 November 2023

SG Investigators, operating under Main Guard International (S) Pte Ltd in Singapore, offers a variety of professional private investigation services. They specialise in matters related to corporate, insurance, and intellectual property rights sectors. 

Their services include corporate background checks, corporate due diligence, private detective services, online brand protection, IP rights investigations, fraud insurance claim verification, pre-post employment checks, employee background checks, and process services. 

Their reputation as a premier investigation service provider in Singapore is bolstered by their proven track record of success in challenging situations, earning the trust of their clients. They offer these services competitively, ensuring reliability, intelligence, and security tailored to client requirements. 

Their professional approach and affordability have contributed to their growing reputation as a leading private detective agency.

#18. Unfaithful Spouse Investigators

Image Credit: Unfaithful Spouse Investigators

Location:1 Fullerton Rd, #02-01, Singapore 049213
Operating Hours:Open 24 hrs
Contact:(+65) 8826 4804 (Call)
Price:We suggest to request a quote
Google Review ratings:Not Found

Unfaithful Spouse Investigators is a private investigation firm that specialises in matrimonial inquiries. They offer discreet and expert services to help clients uncover the truth about their partner’s loyalty. 

Their services include adultery investigations, where they deploy surveillance to track and gather evidence of infidelity. They also assist in cases related to alimony or maintenance, child custody, harassment or violence, missing persons, and DNA testing. 

Their operations extend to international investigations, partnering with overseas firms to handle high-profile cases. They employ various surveillance and tracking techniques in both the real and digital worlds to gather evidence, which is then presented to clients for legal or personal use. 

Their approach emphasises discretion and professionalism, catering to clients who need concrete evidence in sensitive situations.

#19. Commercial Investigations

Image Credit: Commercial Investigators

Location:197A Thomson Rd, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307635
Operating Hours:Mon to Fri: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Contact:+65 6225 9909 (Phone)
Price:We suggest to request a quote
Google Review ratings:Not Found

Commercial Investigations (CPIS) LLP, established in 1990, has garnered extensive experience in both matrimonial and commercial investigations. They have a team of specialists, including a female senior investigator with decades of experience. 

CPIS has successfully tackled various complex cases. They exposed a professional for pirating software, leading to a significant legal settlement. In another case, they identified a firm manufacturing HIV test kits that infringed on a patent. 

CPIS also uncovered fraudulent insurance claims by a commercial diver, conducted thorough background checks for international clients, and exposed an ex-employee for misusing confidential company information. 

Their expertise extends to handling counterfeit car spare parts cases, tracing assets in legal suits, uncovering partnership fraud, locating missing persons, and identifying sources of parallel imported products. 

These cases demonstrate CPIS’s proficiency in handling a wide range of investigative scenarios, cementing its reputation as a reliable and skilled investigative agency.

#20. Apex Security & Investigation

Image Credit: Apex Security & Investigation

Location:462 Crawford Ln, #02-27, Singapore 190462
Operating Hours:Mon to Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Contact:+65 6345 4662 (Phone)
Price:We suggest to request a quote
Google Review ratings:Not Found

Apex Security & Investigation Pte Ltd has been operating since 1998 as a licensed Private Investigation Agency and Security Guard Agency. The company offers a wide range of services in the security and investigation industry. 

Their primary focus is providing security services for private and commercial buildings. Additionally, they have experience in assisting private individuals with private investigation needs.

They also specialise in internal theft investigations, using covert video techniques to identify individuals and crimes, particularly in cases of cash shortages or inventory losses. Their store closing service involves investigators attending establishments to ensure proper closing procedures.

Moreover, they offer mystery shopping services, where investigators document transactions and activities, providing detailed reports to clients. 

Their other services include personal injury investigations, pre-employment screening, inventory shortage analysis, insurance fraud investigations, support during strikes and lockouts, locating missing persons, employee theft investigations, concealed camera installation, and process serving.

#21. Private Investigator Singapore

Image Credit: Private Investigator Singapore

Location:101 Upper Cross Street People’s Park Centre, #04-03 Singapore 058357
Operating Hours:Open 24 hours
Contact:+65 6536 7800 (Phone)
Price:We suggest to request a quote
Google Review ratings:Not Found

Private Investigation Singapore is a licensed private investigation company boasting a team of professional male and female detectives skilled in various discreet investigative tasks. 

Their services encompass a wide range, including private and domestic investigations, such as background checks, surveillance, undercover operations, fidelity checks, divorce evidence gathering, and child protection. 

They also specialise in insurance fraud investigations, addressing both individual and agency-related cases. In response to evolving technology, they offer digital forensics, data recovery, and cybercrime investigations. 

Their corporate investigation services cater to the complex needs of business owners and organisations. Additionally, they assist in locating missing persons, emphasising discretion and confidentiality in all their operations.

#22. Nemesis Investigations Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Nemesis Investigations Pte Ltd

Location:22 New Industrial Road, #05-02 Primax, Singapore 536208
Operating Hours:Not Found
Contact:(+65) 6345 7939 (Call)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:Not Found

Nemesis Consulting & Investigation Group, established in 2001, provides a range of integrated consulting and investigation services across Asia. As a fully owner-operated provider, they are committed to delivering cost-efficient and client-focused solutions. 

Their services are diverse, addressing major cross-border fraud investigations, intellectual property protection, covert surveillance, and insurance claims authentication. 

Their covert surveillance capabilities are particularly notable, with an in-house team comprising ex-law enforcement and military surveillance specialists. These professionals are equipped with significant technical equipment and expertise to monitor movements, meetings, and clandestine contacts. 

Nemesis has earned an excellent reputation for its surveillance capabilities, regarded as one of the best available to the private sector in Southeast Asia. All surveillance conducted can be produced to standards acceptable in courts.

#23. Ranger Investigation & Security Services

Image Credit: Ranger Investigation & Security Services

Location:Block 808 French Road #07-183 and #06-169, Singapore 200808
Operating Hours:Open 24 hrs
Contact:(+65) 6296 9582 (Call) 
(+65) 6296 9583  (Call)
iinvestigation@ranger-security.com.sg (Email)
Price:We suggest requesting a quote
Google Review ratings:Not Found

Ranger Investigation & Security Services is a professional private investigation agency that offers comprehensive security solutions. The company, which began its operations in 1986, is currently led by the second generation of the Lim family. 

With a dynamic and innovative young leadership team, Ranger is injecting fresh ideas and approaches to ensure that their clients receive the best possible service. They pride themselves on delivering solutions that exceed your expectations by combining the latest technology with well-trained personnel. 

Whether you need to solve a mystery, collect critical evidence, or secure your premises, our private investigators and security personnel have the knowledge, experience, and tools to help you achieve your objectives. 

Conclusion On The Best Private Investigators In Singapore

These 23 best private investigators in Singapore offer individuals and businesses an invaluable resource for resolving complex issues, uncovering truths, and safeguarding their interests. 

These skilled professionals bring expertise, discretion, and cutting-edge technology to the table, ensuring that investigations are conducted meticulously and ethically. Whether personal matters like infidelity or corporate concerns like fraud, these experts provide a tailored approach to each case, delivering concrete and reliable evidence.

When choosing a private investigator, it is important to consider your specific needs and objectives, their track record, client confidentiality, adherence to ethical guidelines and the law, and their use of modern technology and methodologies. 

With the right investigator, you can confidently navigate your situation, knowing that you have an expert working to uncover the truth.

Note: For the latest and most recent updates on the above recommendations, refer to their respective website for the most accurate information.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Private Investigators in Singapore

Are Private Investigators In Singapore Licensed And Regulated?

Yes. Private investigators in Singapore are regulated by the Private Security Industry Act (PSIA) and must be licensed by the Singapore Police Force (SPF). Verifying the credentials and licences of any private investigator you consider hiring is essential.

How Much Do Private Investigator Services In Singapore Typically Cost?

The cost of private investigator services can vary widely depending on the complexity of the case and the specific services required. 

Some investigators charge an hourly rate, while others may offer fixed-fee packages. It’s advisable to request quotes from multiple investigators and discuss pricing structures upfront.

How Long Does A Private Investigation In Singapore Usually Take?

The duration of a private investigation in Singapore depends on the nature and complexity of the case. Simple cases may be resolved relatively quickly, while more intricate investigations may take weeks or even months. It’s essential to discuss the estimated timeline with your chosen investigator.

Can Private Investigators Testify In Court In Singapore?

Yes, private investigators in Singapore can testify in court as witnesses if their findings are relevant to a case. Their testimonies can provide crucial evidence to support legal proceedings.

Is My Personal Information Safe When Working With A Private Investigator?

Reputable private investigators prioritise client confidentiality and data protection. Ensure that the investigator you choose has robust privacy policies in place and adheres to Singapore’s data protection laws.

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